When business and family goals intersect | Globe and Mail interview with Tasso Lagios and Brett Miller

Tasso Lagios, Managing Partner, and Brett Miller, Partner, were featured in “When business and family goals intersect, the right advice does too”, a Globe and Mail advertorial in which they discussed Richter’s Business | Family Office and our commitment to helping our clients at each stage of their entrepreneurial journey: entrepreneurial, diversification, wealth creation, and wealth transfer.

In the intricate realm of family businesses, business and family interests often intersect. As a Business | Family Office, we offer a unique approach, and we rely on our extensive experience to guide our clients.

As Brett mentions: “Having an advisor who has been through this with many others in a similar situation allows us to handle this sensitive period in an optimal manner.”

What differentiates Richter’s approach is our ability to see the bigger picture and how each decision might impact the business and the family. As Tasso highlights in the advertorial: “Being able to pivot between technical and solutions-oriented advice to the more emotional part of a family business or family wealth transition is what differentiates us.”

Richter’s two-platform model, Business Advisory and Family Office, integrates business, wealth, and family goals.

With our expertise, every decision aligns with both business and family interests, shaping legacies that transcend generations.


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