In the news | Les Affaires | Mindy Mayman was quoted in an article on consulting firms and wealth management advisory

Mindy Mayman, Richter Family Office Partner, was quoted in an article in the French-language newspaper Les Affaires.

When it comes to estate planning, providing investment advice, etc., most large accounting firms have a private wealth management department to handle the fortunes amassed by entrepreneurs. It allows them to meet all of their clients’ needs.

This generally isn’t one of the flagship services of firms, but it serves as an additional way to satisfy clients. “We have families who have been clients of ours for four generations. Some have accumulated wealth through their entrepreneurial activities while others have sold their business. It can be very intimidating for entrepreneurs to come into such a large amount of money. They don’t necessarily know how to make it work for them. It’s only natural for them to turn to their advisor, who has guided them throughout the lifespan of their business,” explains Mindy Mayman, Partner in the Family Office, a subsidiary of Richter.

The entire article is available on the Les Affaires website (in French only).