First Nations and Aboriginal Advisory Services


Resource Project Participation Advisory Services
Richter’s Aboriginal Advisory Services group provides specialized financial advisory services to Aboriginal and First Nations groups across Canada.

Benefit from our expertise and experience with:

  • Impact and Benefit Agreements – Financial Participation (IBA) entitlement negotiations and related financial modelling
  • Specific and Comprehensive Land Claim negotiation services – including Valuation of entitlements, claims and losses, litigation support and transaction advisory services
  • Capacity building, business opportunity and economic development opportunities and planning
  • Joint venture organizations and tax planning
  • Own Source Revenue (OSR) negotiations and planning
  • Financial governance implementation and administration

Richter has been actively involved in a variety of mandates across the nation that have led to the satisfactory resolution of land claims issues or the successful conclusion of agreements regarding major resource development projects and related aboriginal business development and employment opportunities.

We are proud, and privileged, to be active in this area and we are qualified to provide the appropriate multi-disciplinary expertise. Our services are generally provided to the Aboriginal client, by working in conjunction with their leadership and negotiators, as well as other advisors, including legal counsel and development project consultants.

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