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Transaction advisory services

We know there is an unlimited amount of considerations and choices you, as a business owner, must make every single day. But considerations around transactions – buying, selling, expanding or restructuring – are major considerations, and oftentimes more questions arise after making your initial decision to buy (or sell, or expand, or restructure…). With so many areas of operation affected, and both business and personal impacts to consider, transaction processes are complex enough already – you don’t need unnecessary surprises uncovered along the way.

Crafting a clear roadmap for a smooth transaction takes talent. The type of talent our transition advisory team provides.

Our transaction advisory professionals take a hands-on approach, working closely with you and your management team and with financial institutions and private equity groups in order to realize the greatest value of your transaction.

Our experts are ready to guide and assist you in:

Accessing debt and equity markets

Our network of contacts is useful in sourcing various forms of debt and equity. We can secure project, expansion and turnaround financing as well as design innovative borrowing and corporate recapitalizations. We also use private and public equity markets to help our clients find the resources they need.


We work with you every step of the divestiture process. We conduct thorough research to determine the appropriate market value for your business. Information memoranda and detailed business plans are prepared as we identify prospective buyers and potential investors. We negotiate on your behalf and assist in the successful completion of your transaction. When the time is right to sell, we also perform reverse/seller due diligence to help you prepare for a sale. Our process prevents unanticipated surprises during buyer due diligence.

Due diligence

Traditional due diligence focuses on the company and its financial issues. Our enhanced process includes an operational component that provides added insight into the financial information that potential acquirers are concerned about.

The due diligence process is more than a financial review, it is a tool for reliable financial forecasting and planning a sustainable business future. We evaluate earning potential, analyze the quality of assets, prepare financial models and develop industry comparables and corporate positioning.

Mergers and acquisitions

We have experience arranging strategic alliances and determining appropriate pricing and value. Our professionals quantify potential synergies and pinpoint business risks and opportunities, identifying value drivers and measuring the impact of strategic initiatives of the company.  A merger or acquisition is a big step in the life of any business. When each step means precious time and money, let us help you make sure you’re heading in the right direction.

Post-acquisition integration

We develop a highly customized post-acquisition integration plan for you before the transaction is completed. Subsequently, we support you in the implementation of the plan, staying with you while the plan is put into motion in order to mitigate any integration risks and help maximize efficiencies.

When it comes time for the next step in your business’s evolution, we help you plan, execute, and enjoy the spoils of your deal well done.

Meet our experts

The people behind the expertise.

Eric Barbieri

Eric is a seasoned advisory professional with 20 years of experience in transaction advisory and corporate reorganizations.

Marc Yedid

Marc is a quick thinker and  a valued resource to his clients. Regardless of the complexity of the project or transaction, Marc is called upon for his insightful expertise and perspective, as well as his ability to analyze a situation from all sides.

Clayton Spahn

Passionate about everything he does, Clayton Spahn is experienced and naturally instinctive when it comes to separating fact from fiction pertinent to the mandates he oversees. Hard working and honest, he prides himself on presenting ideas in clear and easily understood language, and thinks creatively in order to find the right solution at the right time for his clients.

Vimal Kotecha

Vimal’s soft-spoken nature belies his tough but fair style. These qualities, combined with his ability to lead by example, helped make Vimal a revered leader in our team.

Ian Weinstein

Ian Weinstein is an easy-going, team player that brings a creative and practical approach to his clients’ needs. Whether it’s a transaction advisory or valuation mandate, Ian’s vast skill-set offers a well-rounded perspective.

Joe Lo Dico

Aside from Joe’s impressive transaction and advisory experience, he manifests real loyalty for, and faith in the Richter ethos.

Sébastien Michaud

A genuine team player, Sébastien Michaud stays calm no matter how intense the situation. He’s a great guy to have in the trenches when the heat is on. He knows how to optimize his actions and those of his team to ensure his clients’ satisfaction. He can adapt to any situation, is an exceptional listener and is overall a generous team member.

Vanessa Velentzas

CPA auditor, CA
A big-picture thinker who is well known at Richter for her analytical, organized and detail-oriented thinking, Vanessa Velentzas is calm under pressure, resourceful, and has the kind of work ethic that makes her a favourite with clients. While she is a perfectionist, she is also witty and sociable, so working with her is always an agreeable experience.
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