“Reading your business for going public is an important milestone for a company. It’s a different environment; it requires the build-up of certain infrastructure and means undergoing much more scrutiny, regulatory approval, auditing, and certification of internal controls. Through all of this, we help make the process as seamless as possible,” Yves Nadeau, FCPA, FCA auditor, CRMA, CFE, CICA, Partner

Ready to take your business public? Congratulations! This is a big step that can accelerate your business growth and give you access to more capital, allowing you to tap into a larger market. But before the celebrating starts, there’s a lot of work to be done and many different players to be implicated. In preparation for your first public offering, you’ll need to meet with investors, involve your lawyers, get your ‘roadshow’ ready, and be well-versed in all the parameters that such a major decision encompasses.

In such a highly regulated market, it pays to trust the process to advisors who have an intimate understanding of how to go public – ones who will ensure that you do everything by the book. Our advisors work closely with you from the moment you first make this decision, through to ringing that bell at the finish line. We carefully plan every step and guide your team through the entire process.

Our professionals are trusted by clients listed on major Canadian and U.S. stock exchanges. Our approach includes a strict client acceptance process, an ongoing evaluation procedure, and timely communication with the audit committee. You’ll benefit from our extensive knowledge of auditing and accounting, AMF, OSC and SEC rules and regulations, as well as our experience with:

  • Implementing an integrated audit process to address compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley or its Canadian equivalent (C-198 Act)
  • Assisting in new registration statements, IPOs and reverse takeover transactions with capital pool corporations
  • Handling AMF-, OSC- and SEC-related issues
  • Ongoing statutory and regulatory reporting issues
  • Canadian, U.S. and international accounting standards

Taking your business public is a big step. Make sure you work with a trusted partner who will be by your side every step of the way.