The tax environment is constantly in flux. New governments, new laws and new life events all create financial pressure on your family and your business. You may have a solid investment strategy in place, but is it up to date with new regulations? Is it vetted from an after-tax perspective? Sure, your returns are reasonable, but after having paid all your taxes, the rate of return may not be as impressive as you would like it to be. You and your professionals should be in touch regularly when it comes to tax planning in order to stay one step ahead of the numerous tax opportunities that may be available to you, to reduce your tax burden. So why does it feel as if your financial advisor isn’t giving you the full picture when it comes to taxation of investments?

There are loads of considerations that go beyond the investment merits of a successful strategy. Richter Family Office can help you navigate through them. We never put an investment option in front of you until we’ve run it through our comprehensive research and due diligence process. We evaluate it from an after-tax perspective and ensure it fits within your risk appetite, and that it aligns with your long-term strategy. We always present you with the full story, communicating with you during every step of the way.

Where and how you invest your money is one thing, but how those investments are structured, whether held personally or on the corporate side will also have an impact on how much tax you pay. Richter shows you the way, helping you take advantage of investment strategies designed to generate the greatest possible after-tax return.