When you have considerable assets, it’s natural to want to ensure that your investments are in line with your goals. Trusting your advisor is essential, but what can you do when you don’t feel like you are seeing unique or interesting investment opportunities? How can you be sure that you are capitalizing on the right opportunities and that your investments are working as hard for you and your family, as you have worked to earn them?

The more diversified your portfolio is, the harder it can be to gain a clear understanding of how your investments are performing on a consolidated basis. How can you determine whether the various strategies complement each other, or if they might instead be compounding some risks? Do your investment solutions make sense once you factor in the after-tax perspective? What’s the big picture? Simply put: you can’t measure what you don’t know.

Danny Ritter, Partner at Richter Family Offices, explains it well: “Behind the numbers there are human beings, with families, life goals, business objectives and aspirations. At Richter we thrive on a human-to-human approach that helps us gain a 360 view of your circumstances, while enabling us to build personal, long-lasting relationships rooted in trust. It’s been our approach for more than 90 years.”

It may not be obvious, but investment decisions can come with a lot of emotional considerations, so trust and understanding are always the foundations from which we work. We start by talking with you and your family. Thanks to our vast experience working with generations of families, we ask the important questions and walk you through different scenarios, helping you understand the various risks and opportunities available to you. By getting to know our families intimately, we sometimes discover that other advisors (lawyers, bankers, etc.) may lack some family context and in those instances, we humbly offer a little objective perspective. Our advisors at RFO Capital work closely with you and your other professionals to manage your multiple investment strategies and assets.

Additionally, it’s important to ensure that all your planning is coordinated. For example, is there anything in your will that could have investment-related ramifications that you have not considered? It’s crucial you know where your assets are being held and if your will reflects your reality and your wishes.

Our goal is to guide you in making sound decisions that fit your personal reality, customizing your portfolio in a way that reassures you that those goals can be met – both today and for the long term.