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Giving Back: Philanthropy


Charitable giving is often an expression of your family’s core values; it represents who you are and what you aspire your legacy to be. In order to maximize the impact of your philanthropy, you must ensure that your giving is effective and that your gifts are used in a way that reflects your intent. And because every penny counts, we work closely with our families to ensure that their charitable giving is as tax efficient as possible, helping maximize the economic impact.

We also know that philanthropy is a great way to help bring your family together by providing a forum for transmitting core values across generations. It helps your heirs understand the impact that giving can have on the world around them, but at the same time, understand some of the practical issues of investment management. Many families use charitable funds as a way of helping develop financial literacy among young heirs and to teach them how to interact with the family’s advisor network. At Richter Family Office we encourage families to come together in this way and seek to engage multiple generations on strategic philanthropic issues.

How to maximize your philanthropic impact.


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We understand that the transfer of your wealth to future generations is about far more than just the dollars and cents. It’s about the transition of your legacy.