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How can I protect my business against hackers?

Quote of the day
“Cybercrime today affects any form of business, large or small, regardless of its industry or location, directly targeting their identities, data and bank accounts. As well as efficiency, technology must serve the need to protect the company's assets.”
Bertrand Milot CISM, CRISC, CRMP, CRMP-F, PCSM, C|CISO, ISO 27001 LA, C|BP
Vice President

Your goal

I hear so many frightening news reports these days about cyber-attacks on businesses of all sizes, and they seem to be on the rise. I know they aren’t totally preventable, but I want to be sure my systems are up to date and my data is well protected so that in the event of an attack, we can minimize the fallout. Are firewalls enough? Does my IT team know enough to stop these attacks from happening? How can I train my team to identify scams or phishing emails? How do I know if we have enough security in place?

How we can help

When it comes to cybersecurity, you can’t afford to look the other way. Our team of specialists is ready to help your company protect its digital presence, today and for the future.

We offer best-in-class practices, technologies and expert services to help protect your company’s and your clients’ precious information and assets against attacks. Services include:

  • Security program strategy
  • Security architecture & implementation
  • Identity & access management
  • Enterprise risk & compliance
  • Education & awareness training

We work with you — as part of your team. This enables us to understand your specific needs and help protect your business, your employees, your data and yourself against worst-case scenarios. We can’t guarantee you won’t suffer a cyber-attack—but we can guarantee that we’ll put all of our expertise into making sure you’re prepared for when one does hit.  We’ll reduce your exposure and speed up your recovery.

Meet our experts

The people behind the expertise.

Raymond Vankrimpen

Ray Vankrimpen genuinely enjoys delivering his boutique brand of consulting, implementation and audit expertise in the areas of cybersecurity, privacy, IT risk management and data quality.

Asif Mohammed

Composed, yet infectiously lively, Asif Mohammed is known for sharing his professional insights with passion and vigour.  He always makes a point of developing genuine connections with colleagues, clients, and almost everyone he meets.

Massimo Cecere

Massimo is an expert advisor in business strategy, risk management, governance, CFO advisory and internal audit.

Yves Nadeau

CPA auditor, CA, CRMA, CFE
An expert advisor recognized by boards of directors, audit committees and senior management, Yves advises his clients on strategic planning, corporate governance, risk management and internal auditing.

Laurent Carlier

Laurent is known for his calm, serious, approach to work, but it is also common knowledge that he knows when to apply a lighter touch. Organized and meticulous, he is a star when it comes to finding comprehensive solutions to complex problems.

Bertrand Milot

Innovative, passionate, hardworking and enthusiastic, Bertrand Milot is known for his integrity, innovation, rigour and creativity. He is also famous for his witty turn of phrase. He’s incredibly good at his job and he’s a fun guy to be around; what’s not to love?
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