This acquisition could be a real game changer. There’s a lot at stake. From valuation to closing and every step in between, you need to be sure all the bases are covered so that the transaction goes through without a hitch. How can you be certain you are managing the process in the most efficient and effective way?

“When making an acquisition, selecting the right business is important — but selecting the right partner is essential. Whether you’re still looking for the ideal business to buy or already have a prospect in mind, we help make your deal a winning one.” – Marc Yedid, CPA, CA, Partner.

For value creation, faster scaling, acquiring complementary skills or technology, diversifying your activities, or perhaps penetrating a new market, acquisitions can be exciting. But they also come with a host of complex issues that need to be addressed, in order to ensure success.

Richter’s professionals perform targeted searches and have experience arranging strategic alliances. We offer pricing and negotiation services to help you accurately assess the opportunity and begin to move it forward. We identify the best negotiation strategy, quantify potential synergies and identify business risks and opportunities. We manage the letter of intent process as well as due diligence, and help you structure the deal and raise financing. We’re by your side through to the deal closing and we continue to support you through the integration phase of your new acquisition.

Our differentiator is our integrated process. With specialists who are involved on both sides of the deal, our 360 approach ensures that you’re optimizing the opportunity completely. Our goal is the same as yours: to ensure that the acquisition isn’t just a success for today, but one that continues to flourish long after the deal is won.