Managing multiple bank accounts and portfolios, intricate legal structures, complicated compliance requirements, and navigating how to transfer your wealth to your children in a tax-efficient manner… managing personal finances can be exhausting. How does one do all that? Our answer: a personal Chief Financial Officer (CFO).

“Families of significant means often have complex structures. Working with a number of advisors without proper integration can quickly become an administrative nightmare and an emotional burden. As personal CFOs, we act as quarterbacks for our families. We help in the management of daily finances and planning of their financial roadmaps – and that’s just the start.” – Justine Delisle, CPA, CA, Pl. Fin., Partner.

Families of significant means face unique challenges when it comes to the management of their daily finances and financial roadmaps. Managing multiple assets and ensuring that your legacy is passed down to the next generation properly and efficiently is no easy feat.

You may have a legion of advisors all with solutions for various aspects of your life, but who manages all those advisors? If the burden falls on you and your family alone, it often results in long hours spent coordinating, many questions left unanswered and holes in the information passed down when a family member passes on.

But you know, as we do, that managing wealth and creating a sustainable legacy should never take away from the very benefits said wealth should be providing.

Why you should consider a personal CFO

By working with you and your family, a personal CFO ensures that your objectives are being met or realigned based on each phase of your journey. Similar to how a business has leadership with specific expertise, so too should your wealth have the same level of expert guidance. A personal CFO is your family’s first point of contact and liaison between your family and other advisors and shareholders. While upholding the best practices of family advisory, we offer daily support for family operations, lifestyle management and financial matters, because we know the little things can be just as time consuming – if not more than – as working towards your long-term goals.

The personal CFO works first by being an active listener, this allows for a deeper understanding of your family’s lifestyle and dynamics. Through the consolidation of key financial data and using tailormade information and reporting, we advise families on solutions that suit their needs and assist with a range of services, such as: quarterly financial reporting, accounting and tax compliance, family governance, estate planning, and more.

We believe that the best approach to family enterprise management is a holistic one. As personal CFOs, we focus just as much on analyzing the financial details as we do on finding new opportunities for your family, creating tailormade solutions to problems that may arise, and helping you and your family members achieve financial goals by providing strategic guidance. As experts in diverse fields, our personal CFOs becomes an integral part of your family’s financial future and peace of mind.


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