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Quarterbacking Complex Technical Issues

Tax and estate planning

For our families, investment management is just one important issue: estate and tax planning in many cases is a more significant piece of a multi-generational framework. In conjunction with the Richter tax advisory business, Richter Family Office is uniquely positioned to help families navigate the complex world of tax and estate planning. Many of our clients work with the full suite of Richter tax, estate, and investment services, while others have longstanding advisory relationships elsewhere. Either way, the Richter Family Office is well suited to working with a multi-disciplinary team of professionals to save you the burden of quarterbacking complex technical issues.

What happens to my money if I pass away unexpectedly?

We have the expertise to assess the tax risks of each investment strategy in order to ensure that your investment portfolio is tax efficient and aligns with your estate plan. We work with diverse teams of tax experts; those you may already be working with, and others we might suggest for your benefit. We can explain complex concepts so you can assess their merit and make a well-informed decision.

Am I paying the right amount of tax? It seems like a lot.


It’s inevitable, so why are you holding your children back?

Transition planning – an ounce of prevention


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We understand that the transfer of your wealth to future generations is about far more than just the dollars and cents. It’s about the transition of your legacy.