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If I pass away unexpectedly, what happens to my money and family?

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" Estate planning is not just about a legal document and a plan to minimize taxes at death. It should be an expression of your values and priorities, particularly in light of family complexities today. "
Diane Tsonos LL.B., TEP

Your goal

It’s not something anyone likes to think about, but if I were to die, what would happen to my money—and more importantly, to my family?

I’ve worked hard to build my wealth and I want to protect it. I want to make sure my estate is well planned and that my family will be taken care of. Is there something I should do now to help ensure that my family doesn’t have to pay too much tax later? I do want them to enjoy the wealth we’ve amassed, but ultimately, I want things to stay harmonious and unburdened when I’m gone.

How we can help

Mortality is the most emotional of topics, but as a business owner, it’s also one of the most crucial ones to address. Should something happen to you, the only way to ensure your finances will be in order and your family will be cared for is to make a plan that reflects your wishes today.

Is your will up to date? Are there assets you’d like to transfer to family members before death? If you own a business, do you have a shareholders’ agreement? What about life insurance to cover tax obligations upon death?

It’s overwhelming, we know. That’s why we’re here to help. We believe that every good plan starts with asking the right questions. With answers in hand, our Estate planning team guides you through the entire process with sensitivity and objectivity. Our comprehensive service includes preparation of all your financial documentation, bookkeeping for the estate, assistance with life insurance, and will planning. We also offer post-mortem estate planning and handle all compliance and corporate reports as necessary.

We’re proud of the trusting relationships we’ve developed with the families with whom we work. Creating an estate plan that gives you peace of mind is both our expertise and our passion.

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Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy

Ph.D., MBA
Approachable and insightful, Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy brings an incredible academic pedigree and a wealth of practical due diligence experience to Richter Family Office.

Greg Moore

Accomplished, driven, yet known for his kindness, Greg has big ideas that match the scope of his ambition. A great people connector he loves to build durable, effective business relationships. His enthusiastic nature means that he is ready to jump whole-heartedly into every project he takes on.

Mindy Mayman

B.A., Econ., Fin. PI., FMA, CIM
Mindy assists her clients through the challenges inherent to wealthy families and helps them secure peace of mind for today, and comfort and clarity for the future.

Diane Tsonos

With her knowledge, dedication, extraordinary professionalism and people skills, Diane is an integral part of Richter.

Scott Binns

‘Unique’ is a term often used in relation to Scott. Easy going, personable, and knowledgeable, he is a captivating public speaker and a driven professional.

Jean-François Coutu

CPA, CA, LL.M.Fisc.
In Jean-François, you’ll find an attentive expert who’s able to explain complex questions clearly and cogently so that you can make informed decisions.

Jerry Wise

Jerry Wise has the expertise privately-held entities repeatedly turn to as they grow their businesses in Canada and abroad.

Tasso Lagios

Tasso has been guiding high net worth entrepreneurs, business owners and their families to help them set out their goals to ensure long-term business and wealth succession.

Earl Forman

If you are looking for a methodical mind, Earl Forman is your man. He is famous for having all of his files lined up in perfect columns. He has, undoubtedly, the neatest desk in our entire office. 

Michel Babeu

CPA, CA, M. Fisc.
With nearly 30 years of experience assisting local entrepreneurs, Michel has a wealth of knowledge in management and taxation.

Phil Nadler

Phil has taught tax-related courses at McGill University, and has lectured at the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.

Justine Delisle

CPA, CA, Pl. Fin.
Justine Delisle has a work style based on excellence, empathy and experience. She enjoys teaming up with people with different fields of expertise for collaborations that provide unique, lasting results. She describes herself as having a holistic perspective on situations and challenges, one that helps her provide personalized solutions for her clients.
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