Cross Border Services

Cross-border solutions. Optimized U.S. operations.

Expanding into the U.S. market is a major milestone for any Canadian business. It is crucial that the process be carefully planned and properly managed for the organization to optimize the benefits of entering this new marketplace while remaining in compliance with tax provisions of the applicable U.S. federal, state, and local authorities.

Richter’s U.S. tax team is comprised of senior level professionals, including attorneys, CAs, and CPAs. Our team has extensive experience servicing the needs of Canadian-based businesses operating in and expanding into the U.S. marketplace. Collectively, we have extensive Canadian and U.S.-based experience in public accounting firms, the private sector and governmental tax departments.

U.S. tax consulting and compliance

With a full-service U.S. tax group dedicated to resolving federal and state taxation matters, our U.S. services include:

  • U.S. international and cross-border issues, including planning and implementing restructuring strategies;
  • Choice of entity selection for expansion into the U.S.;
  • U.S. federal corporate and partnership income tax planning and consulting;
  • U.S. federal compliance services for American domestic and multinational entities;
  • Consulting and tax compliance for not-for-profit organizations;
  • U.S. tax compliance services for American citizens residing in Canada, Canadian executives working in the U.S., and Canadians with U.S. investments that trigger U.S. reporting;
  • U.S. estate and gift tax planning and reporting.

Our experience, in-depth technical knowledge and problem-solving skills enable us to evaluate and align business and personal objectives to minimize U.S. tax consequences. We have a demonstrated ability to streamline data collection, ensuring the timely filing of complete and accurate returns.

Richter’s U.S. tax team also has access to a network of U.S. and international tax specialists to compliment its services.

State taxation

In the U.S., state authorities are increasingly more aggressive in their attempts to expand their tax base. Some states may impose taxes on non-U.S. (“foreign”) entities and individuals, even those that are not taxable federally under a Treaty. Our U.S. tax team can assist in evaluating your exposure to these state taxes. We can make recommendations regarding compliance with U.S. state and local filing requirements, with a particular attention to optimizing your U.S. operations. Our state and local tax services include state and local income, franchise, sales tax planning, consulting and tax return preparation.

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