Roundtable Program

Since 2009, Richter’s Risk, Performance and Technology partners have offered a unique quarterly roundtable program dedicated specifically to Chief Internal Audit Officers, CFOs, Chief Information Officers, Chief Information Security Officers, and Corporate Directors.

A recognized circle of influence

This program has been attended by representatives of more than 100 organizations. Companies involved are among the most prominent in Quebec and Canada: from large private groups to state-owned corporations, and from financial to government institutions.

Dynamic exchange opportunities

These round tables are presented to different groups of professionals, and sessions of the same round table are offered at different times, for the convenience of attendees. The purpose of the Round Tables is to explore current topics; to foster exchange and dialogue between experts in the areas of interest; to provide a forum for sharing information, expertise and experience; and to share more information about the latest trends in the sector.

  • More than 100 participants
  • More than 120 round tables organized since the creation of the Program in 2009
  • Held quarterly in our Montreal head office

For more information on the Round Table program, please email, with the subject line: Round Table program.