Women in Leadership

Mission Statement

Richter is focused on growth, profitability and development of top talent to ensure its long-term sustainability. The WIL initiative supports this sustainability through targeted efforts aimed at the attraction, retention and advancement of women.

In support of our mission statement, our goal is to increase the visibility and advancement of professional women within our firm. Our vision is for women and men in our organization to have an equal presence, impact and influence at all levels.

How We Got Here

Starting in 2010, we went through a process of many internal and external consultations, discussions, surveys and focus groups. We learned that businesses with diverse leadership are stronger and more likely to attain their goals. For our firm to fully benefit from the advantages of diversity, an initiative was needed to actively promote the advancement of women to leadership positions. Women currently represent a signification proportion of all levels within the firm except at the leadership level (partner and principal). It is our responsibility to retain, nurture and promote the incredible talent within our firm and to make our firm stronger and more likely to succeed in its business strategies.

In order to do this, we have established sub-committees to work on specific issues. These committees plan events and workshops to try to improve the quality of life for Richter team members – both in an outside of the office: 

1. Work-life integrationThe work-life integration committee seeks to inform and education the internal team about the need for balance between professional commitments and personal responsibilities. This is done through training sessions, coaching young professionals and awareness-raising among management.

2. Mentorship & AdvocacyThe goal of the mentorship and advocacy committee is to target career developmental opportunities for the advancement and retention of current and future female leaders.

The committee reviews firm models and norms for bias, and develops action plans focusing on recruitment, training, work organization and assignment allocation, and performance metrics. From these plans, training events have been coordinated that focus on career development and gender bias awareness.

3. VisibilityWIL's visibility committee provides coaching to team members on how to build and maintain a network of contacts. This committee works to elevate the visibility of women in all positions within Richter, as well as externally.