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Richter Family Office

We understand that the transfer of your wealth to future generations is about far more than just the dollars and cents. It’s about the transition of your legacy.



Having worked with business owners and their families for decades, our family office practice started as a natural extension of our experience as a leading full-service tax-advisory partner. As we assisted entrepreneurs in building their businesses, it was natural for them to ask us for advice in stewarding their personal and family legacies as well. Our first clients recognized the complexities that accompanied their success: that while their financial wealth was important, knowing that their fortunes could sow the seeds for future generations’ own accomplishments was of paramount concern. We were a natural partner to help our clients through their journeys – they trusted us to act in their best interest and to provide completely independent advice. And while this wasn’t a typical step for an accounting firm, our entrepreneurial spirit gave rise, and thus Richter Family Office was born.

Decades later, Richter Family Office is now one of the largest, fully independent, multi-family offices in Canada and has earned an outstanding reputation for providing wholly independent, holistic and objective advisory services to some of Canada’s wealthiest families.



Simply put, our service is to bring clarity and order to the full spectrum of your family’s financial affairs. And to do this with a full appreciation of both the technical and emotional complexities that face multi-generational families.

Our roots within a full-service tax advisory firm afforded us a sensibility of objectivity and independence – traits that we knew were not necessarily synonymous with investment advice. Eliminating financial incentives – both perceived and real – were the basis for ensuring that our families received the best solutions possible. This has evolved to form the basis of a relationship that has revealed its true value over time: one that has earned the enduring trust of our clients and has afforded us a position by their side as their true trusted advisor.

Now entering our third decade as one of Canada’s leading multi-family offices, we are committed to providing our families with the full scope of services needed to help preserve and grow their family’s legacy.

Wealth comes in many forms and while financial wealth can be a blessing, history has proven that those who focus exclusively on their financial resources are destined to deplete it. At Richter Family Office our purpose is clear: to help families grow and steward their legacy across generations. We do this by addressing both the financial, and human elements, of your wealth.

The Evolving Family Office Landscape 

We understand that for some, complex financial structures, emotional decisions, and potential conflict amongst family members can cause wealth to feel more like a burden than a blessing.


Multi-generational families typically face a wide variety of challenges and often act as their own quarterback with issues relating to: wealth management, tax and estate planning, compliance and financial reporting, as well as philanthropy and financial education. Effective continuity planning within successful families necessitates coordination among all these elements and in a way that recognizes the multiple stakeholders and objectives that are unique to the family.

Our approach necessitates independence as it’s key – the technical know-how to work across the full spectrum of a family’s existing advisor network, access and insight into best-in-class solutions, and the knowledge and expertise to identify gaps and opportunities that can bring clarity and efficiency to your financial picture. Our approach is neither prescribed nor formulaic. Rather our solutions are built from the ground up to address each family’s specific needs and are not dictated by in-house products or solutions.

Our team of professionals has decades of combined experience and a strong reputation in the financial community. Most importantly, they are trusted among their clients for their knowledge and integrity.



At Richter Family Office we provide services to our families that reach beyond the scope of basic investment advisory. While independence and scale are important within the context of portfolio construction and asset allocation, having the capacity to draw from an extensive team of interdisciplinary professionals ensures that our families can receive a truly holistic solution. Issues relating to manager research and due diligence, tax, estate planning, cashflow management, philanthropy, and family governance all converge to ensure a seamless solution that provides clarity and control.

wealth management
wealth management wealth management

Managing your Wealth

Acting as your family’s Chief Investment Officer, our registered professionals provide fully independent wealth management advisory services to guide you in managing and stewarding your family’s financial assets.

Tax and estate planning
Tax and estate planning Tax and estate planning

Quarterbacking Complex Technical Issues

For our families, investment management is just one important issue: estate and tax planning in many cases is a more significant piece of a multi-generational framework.

family account management
family account management family account management

Your personal CFO

Family Account Management – an integrated approach designed for you and your family.High net worth families face specific complexities: multiple types of investments, sophisticated legal structures, complicated compliance requirements, as well as unique challenges relating to cash management. Richter’s Family Account Management (FAM) handles the intricacies of your financial life, offering personalized solutions based on your needs, objectives and goals.

wealthy family discussing family governance
wealthy family discussing family governance wealthy family discussing family governance

The Family Dynamics

Family enterprises are complex systems, whether they operate in the context of an operating family business or as stakeholders in a large passive investment corporation. It’s in this environment that the intersection between financial wealth and family intersect, and conflict can arise.

philanthropy philanthropy

Giving Back: Philanthropy

Charitable giving is often an expression of your family’s core values; it represents who you are and what you aspire your legacy to be.

keeping your family safe
keeping your family safe keeping your family safe

Keeping your Family Safe

Keeping your family safe is always a priority. From insurance advisory to cyber-risk intelligence, we can help keep you and yours safe and secure.

A person reading about the federal budget
A person reading about the federal budget A person reading about the federal budget

Financial Literacy Program

Many business owners and families of significant means work hard to prepare their businesses for their next generation. A crucial aspect of that process, often overlooked, focuses on preparing the next generation for the business.

Richter app
Richter app Richter app

Our Tools: Richter App

Your virtual Family Office; a 360º view for your peace of mind.

Meet our experts

The people behind the expertise.

Danny Ritter

Danny Ritter believes that the financial wellbeing of a family is less about which securities are owned but rather that the overall portfolio approach taken is thoughtful and relevant.

Mindy Mayman

B.A., Econ., Fin. PI., FMA, CIM
Mindy assists her clients through the challenges inherent to wealthy families and helps them secure peace of mind for today, and comfort and clarity for the future.

Greg Moore

Accomplished, driven, yet known for his kindness, Greg has big ideas that match the scope of his ambition. A great people connector he loves to build durable, effective business relationships. His enthusiastic nature means that he is ready to jump whole-heartedly into every project he takes on.

Alain Pérusse

D.E.S.S. Fisc.
For all questions regarding tax issues, acquisition structuring and sales transactions, or to find advice and solutions for process improvement, Alain is a seasoned expert and the perfect choice.

Carey Singer

CPA (Illinois)
With over 20 years’ experience, Carey Singer is one of our most in-demand tax consultants.

David Hogan

CPA, CMA, MA (Economics)
David Hogan is focused on pushing his practice to new heights and goes all out to empower his team members to build on their skills.

Diane Tsonos

With her knowledge, dedication, extraordinary professionalism and people skills, Diane is an integral part of Richter.

Earl Forman

If you are looking for a methodical mind, Earl Forman is your man. He is famous for having all of his files lined up in perfect columns. He has, undoubtedly, the neatest desk in our entire office. 

Jean-François Coutu

CPA, CA, LL.M.Fisc.
In Jean-François, you’ll find an attentive expert who’s able to explain complex questions clearly and cogently so that you can make informed decisions.

Jerry Wise

Jerry Wise has the expertise privately-held entities repeatedly turn to as they grow their businesses in Canada and abroad.

Lorne Richter

Lorne enjoys a close relationship with his clients and is never satisfied with the conventional wisdom approach to tax matters. He develops innovative, custom-made solutions.

Michel Babeu

CPA, CA, M. Fisc.
With nearly 30 years of experience assisting local entrepreneurs, Michel has a wealth of knowledge in management and taxation.

Mitchell Stein

Known by his clients and colleagues to be meticulous, hardworking, reliable and a deliverer of high-quality results, Mitch prides himself on his ability to identify tailor-made solutions to meet the needs of his entrepreneurial clients.

Phil Nadler

Phil has taught tax-related courses at McGill University, and has lectured at the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec.

Scott Binns

‘Unique’ is a term often used in relation to Scott. Easy going, personable, and knowledgeable, he is a captivating public speaker and a driven professional.

Tasso Lagios

Tasso has been guiding high net worth entrepreneurs, business owners and their families to help them set out their goals to ensure long-term business and wealth succession.

Vincent De Angelis

Vincent helps his clients through it all, and in the process, makes them feel right at home.

Lyne Gaulin

CPA, CA, CPA (Illinois), LL. B.
Lyne works closely with clients to provide tax advice that meet their particular objectives.

Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy

Ph.D., MBA
Approachable and insightful, Sudharshan Sathiyamoorthy brings an incredible academic pedigree and a wealth of practical due diligence experience to Richter Family Office.

Justine Delisle

CPA, CA, Pl. Fin.
Justine Delisle has a work style based on excellence, empathy and experience. She enjoys teaming up with people with different fields of expertise for collaborations that provide unique, lasting results. She describes herself as having a holistic perspective on situations and challenges, one that helps her provide personalized solutions for her clients.

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